--- Termites, Roaches, Red & Black Ants, Rats, Fleas, Ticks, Bees and Hornets, Mosquitoes and other Insects
No home is safe from the invasion of pests as they are ingenious in finding ways to get
into your premises. For instance, they hide in grocery bags, on your dogs back, fly in
when you open the door, squeeze through a crack, shinny up a drain pipe, or walk in
when you do. Therefore, it is important to be always on guard to keep them out.
They destroy and damage your furniture and food. In addition, they cause a lot of misery and suffering. With rats alone, they transmit fatalistic diseases that caused more deaths than any other wars in the histories of the world. Murine typhus, infectious jaundice, rat bite fever, trichinois, food poisoning, dysentery, plague and cholera are just some of the common pests transmits.
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